Would a man pull a Plane? Yes he would and did.

I had to ask the question Would a man pull a Plane? as this follows on from an earlier post almost a year ago when I asked: Can a Man pull Train? yes he can and he did.  To read that post click here.

This post is all about the same man and if he could pull a plane. The plane in question being the Flossie C160Z based at the SAAF museum in Swartlkops Pretoria. Many will remember the Flossie from their days doing military service in South Africa and will know just how big and bulky this plane is. She’s also made for taking off on dirt road runways which means her tyres sit very flat rather than very round so getting her rolling would take gargantuan effort from the Strongman Ettiene Smit.

Knowing Ettiene and that he is the SA 8 time strongman champ I had absolute faith he would pull the Flossie and suffice to say he did not disappoint, in fact he pulled the plane twice on the same day once using an anchored rope so he could pull along the rope and then he decided that was too easy he would pull the plane using just the harness attached to his body and he moved that baby like it was a feather.

Ettiene you did us proud yet again Congratulations.



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