Sisterhood Shoot

  1. 1.Sisterhood
    the relationship between sisters.
    “much of sisterhood is about sharing lipsticks”

When Shannon contacted me to set up doing this shoot I knew we’d be having extreme fun and lots of laughs. Ive known these girls since they were tiny babies and have watched them grow up into beautiful young ladies with one of the strongest bonds I’ve ever seen between sisters. All 4 girls have the most incredible bonds with each other yet they’re all individuals in their own right with their individual hopes, dreams and thoughts.
They wanted to do this shoot as  gift for their parents and the concept being to capture what their sisterhood means to them and thank their parents for raising them to be the people they are today.
Mum and Dad will be receiving the images on Christmas day from these ladies and I foresee lots of happy tears when this gift is presented.

Thank you Kayleigh, Shannon, Savanna and Taytym for choosing me to capture your sisterhood.

Enjoy  the  images  as  much  as  we  enjoyed  shooting  them.

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  • Marlene December 26, 2019 Reply

    You couldn’t have said it better, i have known these girls for almost 9 years, and they are the most amazing young ladies, so much love for each other and family, they have something that you do mot find amongst todays teenagers, the respect they have for everyone around them, the way they treasure their values and their unconditional love for their absolute amazing parents, this is the most beautiful photos, and I did see the book, its absolutely stunning, how you capture every picture of them, you cant describe it, you have to see all these beautiful photos to feel each emotion with them. You are a truly amazing photographer and you can be super proud of your work, or not work, its the most beautiful art🤗🤗

    • December 27, 2019 Reply

      Thank you Marlene for your kinds words about these beautiful sisters and my Photography.

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