Midmar Mile 2014 – A camping weekend with friends at the Dam

The weekend of 7-10 February 2014 saw myself and my swimmer friends making our annual pilgrimage to Midmar Dam for the 2014 Midmar Mile.

Friday morning was spent on the road enjoying our roadtrip to the dam and friday afternoon we set up our home for the weekend at the Morgenzon campsite, we get the same site each year so it’s become a home form home for us and has served us well over the years that we have been camping at Midmar.

Midmar 2014 LR-5842 Midmar 2014 LR-5841 Midmar 2014 LR-5840 Midmar 2014 LR-0936





















Saturday we enjoyed the day staring with an early swim in the dam and a leisurely breakfast fry up on the skittle braai before we set off the envoy some local delights at The Piggly Wiggly with Glyn’s family who were en route home after cruising the Portuguese Islands and Madagascar. Saturday evening we treated ourselves to the yummiest Curry Potjie. Yes Harry we forgive you for the curry even though is was a tad on the hot side.

Midmar 2014 LR-5848 Midmar 2014 LR-5868











Midmar 2014 LR-5847 Midmar 2014 LR-5849











Sunday morning was early up and getting ready for the big swim which Glyn, Brian and Harry we’re doing. Our site was flurry of preparing goggles, writing numbers on legs and arms attaching atmans and timing chips and then heading off to the starting pens to await the started orders for Event 6. Once the guys we’re in the starting pens the support crew aka the ladies and kids and Alistair headed off to the finish to anxiously await the arrival of the swimmers. Thankfully they all finished and happily got their medals.

Midmar 2014 LR-5875 Midmar 2014 LR-5880 Midmar 2014 LR-5884 Midmar 2014 LR-5892 Midmar 2014 LR-5905 Midmar 2014 LR-5923 Midmar 2014 LR-5930 Midmar 2014 LR-5931 Midmar 2014 LR-5935 Midmar 2014 LR-5938 Midmar 2014 LR-5945 Midmar 2014 LR-5963 Midmar 2014 LR-5965

Midmar 2014 LR-5968




































































After this we watched event 8 which is the main race of the weekend which was a nail biting photo finish.

Midmar 2014 LR-5957 Midmar 2014 LR-5958 Midmar 2014 LR-5959
















Buy this time we’re we’re meting in the heat and headed back to camp for a lazy afternoon of snoozing and swimming in the cool waters of the dam. At this point I must add that the heat was such that our die hard non dam swimmer Michele even ventured into the dam. Michele does not set foot in any water that she cat see the bottom of so this was for her a major feat.

Midmar 2014 LR-0944 Midmar 2014 LR-0947 Midmar 2014 LR-0948 Midmar 2014 LR-0950 Midmar 2014 LR-0952 Midmar 2014 LR-0958 Midmar 2014 LR-0962 Midmar 2014 LR-0964 Midmar 2014 LR-0966 Midmar 2014 LR-0967 Midmar 2014 LR-0970 Midmar 2014 LR-0973 Midmar 2014 LR-0974 Midmar 2014 LR-0976












































































and so that brings to and end yet another awesome mid mar weekend with my wonderful friends. Special Thanks must go to the Cubitt Family for helping me get down there for the weekend so I could share the good times amongst friends.


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  • Maureen Chitters February 13, 2014 Reply

    What a wonderful record of fun times. You really are true genius with the camera, Dianna – not only for composition of your pics, but for unusual angles and subjects … Two Feet of Water might be my fave, also the splashes – but it’s so hard to single out only one or two of your pics xx

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