King Edwards School – Heritage Walk

KES School

On Saturday 21st May I joined one of Joburg Heritage Foundations walks. This one was at the Kind Edward V111 School (KES). I was keen to tour the school, having grown up with close associations to the school.

My associations go along the lines of I lived in Yeoville, Attended Yeoville Convent and for many years after school I’d walk down to KES to meet Steven Frean and his AuPair and go home with them to what became my aftercare. Everyday we would walk through the school, cross the playing fields and head to Steven’s home for the afternoon. In my teenage years I spent many afternoons at KES watching sport My friend Vanessa and I would cycle down to the school and spend our afternoons cycling between KES & St Johns and choosing what sport we would watch at each school (based on, as teenage girls do, if the good looking guys were playing sport that day or not).

My biggest association to the school is that my Grandfather and his brothers attended KES way back in their youth, and I was keen to try and find records of when they were there and what years that had done what sports, achievements etc. I didn’t manage to find much on this visit other than 4 photo’s of my grandfather one of which was new knowledge to me. I would love to go back and spend more time in the hall going through the photo’s they have on the walls as well as the honours rolls and then time in the museum and library as I’m sure I can find more on the Davidson boys time at KES. Im keen to see the records if they still have them of my great uncle Howard Davidson who Matriculated at 14.

So for now here are a few images that I did find of my grandfather A D Davidson. Later known as Judge Davidson or to his friends at Bobby or Douglas. To me he will always be know as Daden and I will always be his Bebbin.

KES School

KES School

A D Davidson

Prefects 1933 – A D Davidson (Back row)

Athletics 1932 - A D Davidson (Seated)

Athletics 1932 – A D Davidson (Seated)

Football 1932 - A D Davidson (Back row))

Football 1932 – A D Davidson (Back row))

Athletics 1931 - A D Davidson (Back row)

Athletics 1931 – A D Davidson (Back row)

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