Fiona & Ben – A magical affair and 3 days of celebrations.

This post is all about my cousin Fiona’s wedding to her marvellous man Ben. Yes he is marvellous. Fiona has found herself and true gentleman in every sense of the word. I first got to meet Ben a year ago when he and Fiona came to South Africa to attend my cousin Andrew’s wedding and I have to say that from the moment I met Ben at OR Tambo Airport, I knew he was perfect for Fiona. They really do compliment each other.

So when it came to this wedding I knew it would be something special and that is certainly was. My very English cousin with very african roots did us proud and had a three day celebration in true african style but with a very english twist. The festivities began on Friday evening and lasted though till Sunday evening when she and Ben headed home to their flat to pack for their honeymoon in Italy.

And so it was that I did a crazy but amazing four day holiday in the UK for this very special wedding.  As Fiona’s former Au Pair (1987) and her cousin I was very proud and honoured  to have been asked by her and Ben to be one of their witnesses for their wedding.

We arrived on Friday afternoon just in time to help with setting up and getting ready for the main event on Saturday. Everyone got stuck in and moved plants around to the spots they were wanted and hung fairy lights along pathways to create a magical entrance and walkway. Followed by a super evening and dinner in The Village Hall. The last party I’d been to in that hall was Fiona’s 3rd birthday party which was a Teddy Bears Picnic. The amazing evening was followed by some pre wedding nervs and tearful Fiona sobbing on my shoulder and just being in need of a good hug which of course I have many available for her and anyone else in need of the same.

And then Saturday arrived and it was time for Fiona and her  9 bridesmaids to begin a flurry of preparation, hairdressing and make up and all the usual bridal stuff and right one time Fiona emerged looking truly stunning in her French Lace bridal gown and proceeded to waltz down the grand staircase laughing with joy and living the moment. She was then whisked off to the church in Gaddesby in a Jaguar to meet her groom and say her I’do’s. Not being allowed to take photo’s in the church made me very sad as there were so many special moments that I will forever keep in my minds eye but wish I could share with you. Like that first sighting by Ben of his beautiful bride walking towards him.  I made up for this with loads of photo’s from the reception and cake cutting all of which took place in a marquee set up in a field which Ive always seen filled with sheep and lambs so it was quite strange seeing it filled with cars and a huge marquee.

Saturday festivities were followed in Sunday by a “Hog Roast” in the same marquee and more speeches and blessings for fiona & Ben. I hope you enjoy the images that following in the gallery below and a snippet of the fun enjoyed by all at Fiona and Ben wedding. 23 Aug 2014  a day and weekend to be remembered.

 Fiona & Ben LR-5907

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  • Lindsey Sanderson September 7, 2014 Reply

    These fabulous photographs a a wonderful reminder of three glorious days celebrating Ben and Fiona’s truly happy wedding

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