Ethan’s Spiderman 4th Birthday Party



Ethan celebrated his 4th Birthday party in true spiderman style. He had everything spiderman from his outfit to the decor, the cake and even the colour of the sweeties in the jars on his party table. This was also the 1st time I had my Godson Jonathan assisting me on a shoot and he sure did a great job capturing some amazing moments for a newbie to the world of paid photography.

Hope you enjoy the images I’m sharing for Ethan’s party.


Ethan 4  LoRes-1133 Ethan 4  LoRes-1137 Ethan 4  LoRes-1138 Ethan 4  LoRes-1139 Ethan 4  LoRes-1140 Ethan 4  LoRes-1141 Ethan 4  LoRes-1147 Ethan 4  LoRes-1148 Ethan 4  LoRes-1150 Ethan 4  LoRes-1152 Ethan 4  LoRes-1156 Ethan 4  LoRes-1170 Ethan 4  LoRes-1172 Ethan 4  LoRes-1180 Ethan 4  LoRes-1258 Ethan 4  LoRes-1288 Ethan 4  LoRes-1350 Ethan 4  LoRes-1552 Ethan 4  LoRes-1568 Ethan 4  LoRes-5055 Ethan 4  LoRes-5090 Ethan 4  LoRes-5091 Ethan 4  LoRes-5224






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