Cuteness overload – Meeting Kade

Baby Kade

This is a post i’ve been very excited to write for a long time. Now that i’ve met this handsome little guy I can blog about how cute he is and how excited I am to be his cousin (technically first cousin once removed).

The images that follow are a small selection of images that I took using available light. no flash was used as he was sleeping and I did not want to wake him or disturb him. I was more than happy to wait for him to wake for his feed when I’d be bale to interact with him. My cousin and his wife blessed me by allowing him to feed the little guy and cuddle him until he fell asleep again. Now I cant wait until I can see him again and do more photo’s and cuddle him some more.

Enjoy meeting Kade.

How absolutely cute are these little lips?

Who can resist little toes?

I love this moment between Kade and his daddy as he lies safely cradled in his dads’ arms.

This one above was taken by me while he was cuddling in my arms, I love that he is looking at me. This was after he’d had three burps and was being very chatty and full of gurgles.

I know i’m biased as his cousin but I do think he is just the cutest little chap and cant wait to do his next round of photo’s.

Thank you Andrew and Ilsa for my cousin and allowing  me take these amazing images for you.

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