Welcome to my world and this opportunity to take a look at my world through my camera lens.
I am a freelance photographer based in Johannesburg, Gauteng. I shoot mainly location, as I don’t run a home-based studio at this stage.

Photographer, Steam Train enthusiast, Internet and Social Media fan who also enjoys good books, red wine and spending time with my friends and family.

Shooting in a natural photojournalistic style on location is what I most enjoy. My favourite subjects to photograph are weddings and lifestyle events, babies & kids, kids parties, weddings, family events and steam trains.
I choose to shoot on location as I like my clients to be relaxed and feel comfortable without the constraints of studio walls and intimidating lights. It’s all about capturing your special moments and creating your treasured memories. Capturing the personality and characters of the people I shoot.

For personal development I experiment with mini studio setups and light painting where I get to express my creative side and play with images and light often using alternate processes or going back to techniques used when photography first started such as Cyanotype prints.

In 2005 I realised that photography was something I had always yearned to know more about and do more of, so I signed myself up on a variety of courses from the basics through to weddings and have been shooting professionally since 2007.

I am also an active  Camera Club participant and attend workshops to stay up to date. My images have been published in magazines such as Getaway, By the Way, Village Life, Country Life and in the Star Newspaper.

Please familiarize yourself with my style and what I offer by browsing through my portfolio and reading my blog.

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