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Sunrise Cityscape over Johannesburg

I have recently been very blessed to be able to attend a number of amazing workshops with the NextGen Photo Academy. This post is based on one of those workshops. The workshop was to shoot the Johannesburg Cityscape at sunrise and was one I was not going to miss as I really love the Johannesburg […]

Would a man pull a Plane? Yes he would and did.

I had to ask the question Would a man pull a Plane? as this follows on from an earlier post almost a year ago when I asked: Can a Man pull Train? yes he can and he did.  To read that post click here. This post is all about the same man and if he could pull […]

Caylee & Anthony Wedding at Bushwillow Camp

When I first met with  Caylee and Anthony to discuss their wedding I knew this was going to be a special day. They chose the perfect venue for their eco styled wedding. Caylee and Anthony’s day was filled with so much laughter and fun, tinged with just a few moments of nostalgia. They could not […]

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