2014 Swimming Season

Wow what  a year 2014 has been in the pool and out. It’s the year I qualified as with Swimming South Africa as a Learn to Swim Teacher (LTS). Yes a total change of direction for me  PA / Photographer to the Swimming Teacher / Sales Consultant / Photographer and I love every moment of my new life as I get to spend my days doing the things I love most.

So heres a few photo’s of my life in Swimming teaching and coaching. These kiddo’s are seriously awesome and some are very talented swimmers with exiting futures opening up for them and then there’s my little champ Chloe who’s gone from terrified to being the bravest little girl I know and is progressing with every lesson she has.

Swim Dec 14 LR-1567 Swim Dec 14 LR-1572 Swim Dec 14 LR-1576 Swim Dec 14 LR-1581 Swim Dec 14 LR-1583 Swim Dec 14 LR-1584 Swim Dec 14 LR-1585 Swim Dec 14 LR-1586 Swim Dec 14 LR-1588 Swim Dec 14 LR-1693

Aqualand LR-1382 Aqualand LR-1388 Aqualand LR-1398

Summit 31_10_14 LR-1551 Summit 31_10_14 LR-1562

Summoit Gala 24 Oct 14 LR-7455 Summoit Gala 24 Oct 14 LR-7466 Summoit Gala 24 Oct 14 LR-7471 Summoit Gala 24 Oct 14 LR-7473 Summoit Gala 24 Oct 14 LR-7483 Summoit Gala 24 Oct 14 LR-7490 Summoit Gala 24 Oct 14 LR-7494-2 Summoit Gala 24 Oct 14 LR-7496 Summoit Gala 24 Oct 14 LR-7502 Summoit Gala 24 Oct 14 LR-7505 Summoit Gala 24 Oct 14 LR-7520

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  • Mick December 6, 2014 Reply

    Awesome pics, so much happiness and excitement you’ve captured. <3

  • Lindsey Sanderson December 6, 2014 Reply

    Congratulations on all the great things you have done this year and here’s to 2015 being even better. Lovely photos

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